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Lifelong Mortgage / Equity Release

There are various ways you can unlock some of the market value (or equity) in your property. For example you could downsize to a smaller property or one of lower value perhaps by moving to a different part of the UK where house prices are cheaper.


Downsizing will give you maximum value from your home, but there may be disadvantages such as the hassle, disruption and cost of moving. You may also be very attached to the area where you currently live.

Equity Release Plans

There is a solution that allows you to stay just where you are. Equity release plans are now available that allow you to release much needed cash from your home, whilst retaining the right to live in it for the rest of your life.

If you still have an outstanding mortgage on your property you must pay if off, either by using some of the proceeds from your plan or from other funds. Once that's done, the money you release can be spent as you wish. This could be on holidays, a new car, a new conservatory or meet unexpected situations such as health care.

Fund your retirement

Most importantly, your equity can help you fund your retirement or provide reassurance that your spouse will have enough to live on when you die. These schemes can be helpful in certain circumstances but are not suitable for everyone.

Please contact Tony Rossborough to discuss the most appropriate product for you needs.