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Health Care

Private medical insurance is designed to cover the costs of private medical treatment. For what are commonly known as ‘acute conditions’ that start after your policy begins.

Private Medical Treatment

Most insurers define an acute condition as a disease, illness or injury that is likely to respond quickly to treatment and aims to return you to the state of health you were in immediately before suffering the disease, illness or injury or which leads to your full recovery. Your insurer can tell you about their cover for this and other conditions, such as cancer and chronic (long-term) conditions.

Get Treated Quicker

Private medical insurance means you can get treated quicker than going on the NHS. Like all insurance the cover you get varies - but basic private medical insurance may pick up the costs of most in-patient treatments (tests and surgery) and day-care surgery, and some extend to out-patient treatments (such as specialists and consultants).

Your Cover

Cover can be purchased on a full medical underwriting basis, which means you will be asked a number of questions about your health and, based on the information you provide the insurer will decide the conditions of your cover. You can also apply for cover on a moratorium basis, which means you will not be asked any questions about your health, but if you have suffered from any health conditions in the last five years, these will automatically be excluded from cover initially.

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