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Most people see making a will as something to leave until later in life or they put it off assuming that it’s an expensive process to go through. These days, there’s no reason for writing a Will to be time consuming or costly. Wills and Trusts can save you money too, the more you plan now the less inheritance tax will be payable on your death.

Financial Responsibilities

We have expertise in all aspects of this process, from the preparation of wills to advice on whatever provisions you wish to make in the management of your estates, finances and assets. You might also want to discuss trusts with us to ensure financial responsibilities can be properly fulfilled, or to protect the inheritance of family members, during your lifetime and beyond.

Careful Planning

We'll work with you to make the best of your assets, planning carefully and intelligently so as to benefit your family as much as possible after your death.

As this is not a regulated product we are not authorised to provide advice in this area, however we can still assist you with your enquiry.

Please contact Tony Rossborough for advice on creating the right will for your circumstances.